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set the icon to {imageID | imageName}

set the icon of {button | stack} to {imageID | imageName}

Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies an image that is displayed in a button, or used as the desktop icon of a stack file or application.

set the icon of this stack to kStackIcon
set the icon of button "Help" to "Question Mark"
set the icon to the myAppIcon of stack "Main Settings"

Additional Comments
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Use the icon property to change a button's appearance, or to set the icon used for a stack or application in the OS X dock.


The icon is the short ID or short name of the image to use for the current application's dock icon. The icon of a button or stack is also a short name or ID of an image.

By default, the icon property is set to zero (no icon). The icon of newly created buttons and stacks is set to zero (no icon) by default.


Revolution looks for the specified image in the following order:

1) The stack of the object's behavior (if applicable)

2) The stack of the owner of the object's behavior (if applicable)


n) The stack of the object's stack's behavior (if applicable)

A) The object's stack

B) The object's stack's mainstack (if a substack)

C) The object's stack's mainstacks substacks

D) The list of open stacks, in order they were loaded

If a button has been clicked during the current session and its visitedIcon property is set, its visitedIcon is displayed instead of its icon. If the button is disabled and its disabledIcon property is set, its disabledIcon is displayed instead of its icon.

Cross-platform note: On OS X systems, a stack's icon is displayed in the dock when the stack is minimized. On Unix systems, the stack's icon is displayed on the desktop when the stack is iconified. Setting a stack's icon property has no effect on Mac OS and Windows systems.

Cross-platform note: On OS X systems, the global icon property specifies the current application's dockicon. The setting of the global icon property has no effect on Mac OS, Unix, or Windows systems.

Changes to Revolution:

The order in which Revolution searches for icons was changed in version 3.5. Previously, the current stack was searched first, followed by the list of open stacks.

The ability to specify an icon for an application or stack file on OS X systems was added in version 2.1. In previous versions, the icon was a button and stack property but not a global property, and the icon of a stack had no effect on OS X systems.

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