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set the lockCursor to {true | false}
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies whether the cursor shape changes depending on the current tool and what the mouse pointer is over.

set the lockCursor to true

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Use the lockCursor property to set a custom cursor that persists after the handler exits.


The lockCursor is true or false.

By default, the lockCursor property is set to false.


If the lockCursor property is set to true, the cursor shape can be set only by a handler, and does not change shape automatically as the mouse moves. (For example, the cursor normally turns into an arrow over a menu, an I-beam over an editable field, and so on.) If the lockCursor is false, the cursor automatically changes shape according to its location.

For example, to set a custom cursor while the mouse pointer is over a certain field, set the lockCursor to true and then set the cursor to the desired shape in a mouseEnter handler. In the field's mouseLeave handler, set the lockCursor to false to allow the cursor to automatically change shape.

Important! If the lockCursor is true, changes made by a handler to the cursor still take effect. This means that if a stack locks the cursor and a handler in another stack sets the cursor to another shape, the cursor changes to that shape and does not change back until the cursor is changed or the lockCursor is set to false. If you lock the cursor, make sure to unlock it as soon as the stack no longer needs it.

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