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set the lockScreen to {true | false}
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies whether changes to a stack appear on the screen.

set the lockScreen to (not the lockScreen)

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Use the lockScreen property to control when changes to the appearance of objects appear to the user, or to speed up actions that change several objects.


The lockScreen is true or false.

By default, the lockScreen property is set to false. It is reset to false when no handlers are executing.


If the lockScreen property is set to true, statements that affect the appearance of the stack windows--such as opening or closing a stack, going to another card, or changing properties of an object--are not shown on the screen until the lockScreen is set back to false.

If the lockScreen is false, all changes are displayed immediately.

Setting the lockScreen to true also speeds up handlers that affect the screen appearance. Since Revolution does not need to take time redrawing its windows when the lockScreen is true, a handler that visits several cards in a row or changes several objects runs faster if the lockScreen property is set to true while the changes are made.

The lockScreen property is automatically set to false when a palette, modeless, or modal stack is opened, even if a handler is still running.

Important! Open stacks cannot be brought to the front (using the go or topLevelcommand) while the lockScreen is true.

Revolution keeps count of how many times the screen has been locked. You must balance each unlock with a lock; if you lock the screen twice and then unlock it once, the screen remains locked. For example, the following pair of handlers draws everything while the display is still locked:

on mouseUp

lock screen -- first lock

drawStuff -- gets locked again and unlocked in drawStuff

show image "Sprite"

unlock screen -- now unlocked - 2 locks balanced by 2 unlocks

end mouseUp

on drawStuff

lock screen -- screen now locked twice

show field "Notify"

unlock screen -- not unlocked yet - locked twice, unlocked once

end drawStuff

Note: When using script debug mode, the screen cannot be locked and the setting of the lockScreenproperty has no effect.

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