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set the lookAndFeel to {"Appearance Manager"|Macintosh|Motif|"Windows 95"}
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies which platform the user-interface controls resemble.

set the lookAndFeel to "Motif
set the lookAndFeel to the selectedLine of field "Appearance"

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Use the lookAndFeel property to preview the appearance of stacks on a platform other than the one you're developing on.


The lookAndFeel is one of the following:

Appearance Manager: standard Windows XP, Mac OS and OS X look and feel

Macintosh: emulated Mac OS Platinum appearance, used regardless of current theme

Motif: standard Motif look and feel for Unix systems

Windows 95: standard Windows look and feel

By default, the lookAndFeel is set to the platform the stack is being used on. On Windows XP, Mac OS and OS X systems, the lookAndFeel is set to "Appearance Manager" by default.


The lookAndFeel property determines the appearance and behavior of scrollbars, object borders, checkboxes and radio buttons, and button menus. It also changes the appearance of the active (focused) control.

However, changing this property does not provide an exact representation of the appearance and behavior of the stack on the target platform. For example, cursors do not change, and neither do the placement of the menu bar or the way window dragging and resizing works. Only the appearance of controls is affected.

The "Appearance Manager" option can be used only on Windows XP, Mac OS and OS X systems. If you set the lookAndFeel to "Appearance Manager" on a Unix system, it is reset to "Motif". Similarly, tf you set the lookAndFeel to "Appearance Manager" on a pre-Windows XP system, it is reset to "Wondows 95".

On Mac OS systems, the native Appearance Manager drawing routines are much slower than the emulated Platinum routines. Setting the lookAndFeel to "Macintosh" rather than "Appearance Manager" will speed up drawing of controls.

Note: The phrases "Appearance Manager" and "Windows 95" must be enclosed in quotes because they consist of more than one word.

Changes to Revolution:

The "Appearance Manager" option was introduced in version 1.1. In previous versions, Revolution applications always used the Platinum appearance on Mac OS systems, regardless of which theme was selected on the user's system.

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