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Expander triangle
set the markerPoints of graphic to listOfVertexes
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Specifies the shape of markers at each vertex of a curve or polygon graphic.

set the markerPoints of the target to savedMarkerShape
set the markerPoints of me to 0,0 & return & 0,3 & return & 3,3 \
& return & 3,0 & return & 0,0 -- defines a small square marker

Additional Comments
Expander triangle

Use the markerPoints property to create a small shape to mark the vertexes of a graphic.


The markerPoints of a graphic is a list of points (two integers separated by a comma), one per line.

By default, the markerPoints property of newly created graphics is set to empty.


Curve and irregular polygon graphics can be drawn with a marker at each vertex. The marker itself is in the shape of a polygon, and the markerPoints property specifies this shape by specifying each vertex of the marker. Each point consists of the horizontal distance in pixels from the left edge of the marker to the marker vertex, a comma, and the vertical distance in pixels from the top edge of the marker to the marker vertex.

The first line in the list is the location of the marker shape's starting point. A blank line in the markerPoints indicates that the previous and next vertexes are not connected by a line--that is, the marker is broken into two (or more) pieces.

If the style property of the graphic is not polygon or curve, the setting of its markerPoints property has no effect.

If the markerDrawn property is false, the markerPoints property has no effect.

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