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set the menubar of stack to {groupname | empty}
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X
None required
Specifies the name of a menu bar to use when a stack is frontmost.

set the menubar of this stack to "Menus"

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Use the menubar property to specify which menus appear in the menu bar on Mac OS systems when a stack is the active window.


The menubar of a stack is the name of a group.

By default, the menubar of newly created stacks is set to empty.


On Mac OS systems, the menu bar appears at the top of the screen. On Unix and Windows systems, the menu bar appears at the top of the stack window. (Revolution menus are created with buttons. Each menu is a button whose menuMode property is set to "pulldown"; these buttons are then grouped to form a menu bar.)

The menubar is the group that contains the buttons used to build the menu bar. This menu bar is used when the stack window is active, replacing the defaultMenubar. If the menubar of a stack is empty, the stack does not have its own custom menu bar, and the defaultMenubar is used when the stack is active.

On Mac OS systems, when a stack's menubar property is set, the stack is scrolled and resized on Mac OS systems so that the group is not visible in the stack window. (On Unix and Windows systems, this is not necessary, since the menu bar is normally displayed in the window.) To scroll the stack window back down so you can see and select the group's objects, set the editMenus property to true.

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