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set the minHeight of stack to pixels
Desktop, Web and Server
Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies how short a stack window can be made when it's resized.

set the minHeight of this stack to the height of this stack

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Use the minHeight property if you want the user to be able to resize the stack window, but no smaller than a height you choose. For example, you might want to let the user make the stack smaller, but not so small that the stack's navigation buttons can't be displayed.


The minHeight of a stack is a positive integer.

By default, the minHeight property of newly created stacks is set to 32.


The minHeight is the minimum height in pixels. The height does not include the window's title bar or borders.

The minHeight property does not prevent a handler from changing the stack's height property (or related properties such as the rectangle). It affects only user actions. If you set the stack's height to a value less than the minHeight, it is reset to the minHeight when you close and reopen the stack.

If the stack's resizable property is false, the setting of this property has no effect.

Cross-platform note: On Mac OS and OS X systems, if the current card has a menu bar and the editMenusproperty is false (that is, if the stack window is scrolled up so the menubar buttons are not visible in the window), the minHeight does not include the height of the menu bar. However, on Windows and Unix systems, the minHeight includes the height of the menu bar, since on these platforms the menu bar is in the stack window. This means that if you set a minHeight for a stack that contains a menu bar, you may need to adjust it depending on platform so that the minHeight on Unix and Windows systems includes the height of the menu bar, while the minHeight on Mac OS and OS X systems does not. (The standard height of menu bars created with the Menu Builder is 21 pixels.)

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