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set the pan of player to degrees
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Specifies the current horizontal view angle of a QuickTime VR movie.

set the pan of player "Arctic" to 90.5
put the pan of player myPlayerName into myLocation

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Use the pan property to find out where the user is in a QuickTime VR movie.


The pan is a number between zero and 360.


The user can move the view of a QuickTime VR movie using the navigational controls in the player; a handler can change the view by setting the player's pan and tilt properties.

The pan specifies the amount of rotation in the horizontal plane, in degrees. (Think of a person standing in the middle of a scene and turning from side to side. The point where the person is standing is the currentNode, and the amount of turning is the pan.) A pan of zero corresponds to the straight-ahead view of the scene. As the viewer turns clockwise, the pan increases.

If you set the pan of a player to a number outside the range zero to 360, no error results, but the pan is set tonumber mod 360. For example, if you attempt to set the pan of a player to -20, its pan is actually set to 340.

The pan is limited by the player's constraints property. If you specify a pan greater than the range permitted by the constraints, the pan is set to the highest permitted value. If you specify a pan less than the range permitted by the constraints, the pan is set to the lowest permitted value.

If the player does not contain a QuickTime VR movie, its pan property is zero.

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