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set the points of graphic to vertexList
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
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Specifies where the vertexes of a graphic are located.

set the points of the selectedObject to myVertexes

Additional Comments
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Use the points property to find the shape of a line, curve, or irregular polygon graphic, or to reshape the graphic.


The points of a graphic is a list of points (two integers separated by a comma), one per line.


Each point consists of the horizontal distance in pixels from the left edge of the stack window to the vertex, a comma, and the vertical distance in pixels from the top edge of the stack window to the vertex. (The relativePoints property is the same list, but measured from the top left of the graphic rather than the top left of the stack window.)

The first line in the list is the location of the graphic's starting point. A line is drawn from the starting point to the next vertex, which is the next line in the list. If two successive lines are identical, a dot is drawn at the specified point.

A blank line in the points indicates that the previous and next vertexes are not connected by a line--that is, the line, curve, or polygon is broken into two (or more) pieces. If the last line of the points of a polygon is blank, the polygon is not closed. A closed polygon's start point (the first line of its points property) is the same as its end point (the last line of its points property).

Tip: When setting the pointsproperty, you can separate the individual points with a comma instead of a return. The pointsproperty is always reported with the points on separate lines, however.

If the style property of the graphic is not "line", "polygon" or "curve", the setting of its points property has no effect.

Note: The rectangle of a graphic is drawn around all its points without touching them. (Usually, this makes no difference, but in some circumstances where you need to place a graphic'svertex precisely with respect to another object'srectangle, you may need to take this into account.)

User Comments
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Hans Behrens
Feb 25, 2010
A small note: unlike in object sizing, 'points' will not be automatically rounded to the nearest usable integer. Instead, coordinates with non-integer components will be stripped from the 'points' before being drawn.
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Hans Behrens
May 7, 2010
You may not set the 'points' of a templateGraphic - the behavior of the resulting graphics is extremely unpredictable. Instead, set all other properties of the templateGraphic, create the graphic, and then set the points of the created graphic.
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Jim Little
Dec 27, 2010
'points' will not show if they are not integers