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set the qtIdleRate to number

get the qtIdleRate

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Mac OS X,Windows
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The global property qtIdleRate specifies how frequently to idle QuickTime movies.

set the qtIdleRate to 50
put the qtIdleRate into tQtIdleRate

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Use the qtIdleRate in conjunction with the global idleRate property to control updating of QT movies. Increasing the qtIdleRate causes less frequent updates, and decreases the amount of CPU time the application uses.


The qtIdleRate is an integer between 1 and 65535.

By default, the qtIdleRate property is set to 50 (one-twentieth of a second).


The qtIdleRate is the time in milliseconds between one update of a player and the next.

Updating gives the player object time to redraw the video or other media being played. A higher idle rate will result in smoother playback but will also require more cpu time.

Revolution uses the following heuristics to determine how frequently to idle QT players:

If the version of QT < 6 then it idles at the qtIdleRate at all times.

If the version of QT >=6 then:

a) If no players are playing and none of the visible players have interactive movies assigned they are idled at the qtIdleRate.

b) If no players are playing, but one of more of the visible players are interactive then they are idled at the qtIdleRate.

c) If players are playing then they are idled at the qtIdleRate.

Interactive movies are ones such as QTVR and Flash that need to periodically check for input and update themselves.

Note: The qtIdleRate property has no effect on Windows if the dontUseQT property is true.

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