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set the rectangle of object to left,top,right,bottom get the [effective] rectangle of object
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies the area within which an object is drawn.

set the rectangle of button "Tangle" to 20,20,45,200
set the rectangle of group 1 to the rectangle of this card

Additional Comments
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Use the rectangle property to find out how far an object extends, to move it, or to resize it.


The rectangle of an object consists of four integers separated by commas.


The four items of an object's rectangle describe the object's left, top, right, and bottom edges:

* The left is the number of pixels between the left edge of the stack window and the leftmost pixel of the object.

* The top is the number of pixels between the top edge of the stack window and the topmost pixel of the object.

* The right is the horizontal distance in pixels between the left edge of the stack window and the rightmost pixel of the object.

* The bottom is the vertical distance in pixels between the top edge of the stack window and the bottommost pixel of the object.

Note: The sides of an object'srectangle specify the lines between pixels, not the pixels themselves. For example, if an object'srectangle is "0,0,2,2", the object includes four pixels, starting at the top left corner of the card. In the case of a line or curve graphic, the graphic'srectangle encloses all the pixels in the graphic'spointsproperty without touching any of them.

If the object is a stack, its rectangle is relative to the left and top of the screen, rather than the left and top of the stack window.

The first two items of a card's rectangle are always zero. The third item is the height of the card, and the fourth is the width of the card.

Note: The rectangle of a graphic is drawn around all its points without touching them. (Usually, this makes no difference, but in some circumstances where you need to place a graphic'svertex precisely with respect to another object'srectangle, you may need to take this into account.)

If you specify the effective keyword, the rectangle includes the outline added by the showFocusBorder property. It also includes the heavy outline added to the defaultButton. If the showFocusBorder of the object is false, or the object is not currently focused, the effective rectangle is the same as the rectangle.

Changes to Revolution:

The use of the effective keyword with the rectangle property was introduced in version 1.1. In previous versions, the rectangle of the defaultButton included the heavy outline.

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Nov 4, 2010
You cannot resize an animated GIF.