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set the relayerGroupedControls to {true | false}
Desktop, Web and Server
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Specifies whether you can change the layer of controls in a group even if not in group-editing mode.

set the relayerGroupedControls to true

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Use the relayerGroupedControls property to change the layer of grouped controls without being in group-editing mode, or to move controls out of a group by changing their layer.


The relayerGroupedControls is true or false.

By default, the relayerGroupedControls property is set to false.


The layer of a control is its order on the card. If two controls overlap, the one whose layer is higher covers the one whose layer is lower.

If the relayerGroupedControls is false, you can change the layer of a control that's part of a group only when editing the group. If the relayerGroupedControls is true, you can change the layer of a grouped control at any time.

Important! It is not possible for other controls to be interspersed between the controls in a single group, so changing a grouped control'slayer may change its group membership if the relayerGroupedControls is true:

* You can move a control out of a group by setting the control's layer to a number greater than the topmost control in the group, or less than the bottom-most control in the group.

* Conversely, you can move a control into a group by setting the control's layer to a number between the bottom-most and topmost controls in the group.

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