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set the right of object to pixels
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Specifies how far an object's right edge is from the left edge of the window or screen.

set the right of last field to 22
set the right of me to item 1 of the clickLoc

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Use the right property to change the horizontal placement of a control or window.


The right of an object is an integer. A negative integer indicates that the position is to the left of the left edge of the screen or card (and therefore cannot be seen).

A stack's right is the distance in pixels from the left edge of the screen to the right edge of the stack window.

A card's or control's right is the distance in pixels from the left edge of the card to the right edge of the card or control.


The right of a stack is in absolute (screen) coordinates. The right of a card is always the width of the stack window; setting the right of a card does not cause a script error, but it has no effect. The right of a group or control is in relative (window) coordinates.

Changing the right of an object shifts it to the new position without resizing it. To change an object's width, set its width or rectangle property.

The width property of an object is equal to its right minus its left.

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