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set the stackFileVersion to version

the stackFileVersion

Desktop, Web and Server
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Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Reports the version of the stack file format to use.

command legacySave pStack
local tOldStackFileVersion
put the stackFileVersion into tOldStackFileVersion
set the stackFileVersion to 2.4
save stack pStack
set the stackFileVersion to tOldStackFileVersion
end legacySave

Additional Comments
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Use the stackFileVersion to obtain or change which version of the stack file format Revolution will use when saving stacks.


The stackFileVersion currently has two possible values:

- "2.4" - This stack file version is used by Revolution 2.6.1 and earlier

- "2.7" - This stack file version is used by versions of Revolution after 2.6.1.


The stackFileVersion is useful when stacks need to be saved in legacy formats for backwards compatibility but it should be used with caution.

Setting the stackFileVersion to something less than the current version could result in data being lost when stacks are saved, in particular any features that are not present in the target version. For example setting the stackFileVersion to 2.4 will cause any blendLevel or ink properties to be lost.

Remember to set the stackFileVersion back to its previous value after changing it, otherwise Revolution may save your stacks in unexpected formats.

There is no need to use the stackFileVersion to save a stack compatible with version 2.6.1 and earlier in the IDE. Instead, open the stack in the current version of Revolution and select "Save As" from the "File" menu, then choose "Legacy Revolution Stack" from the drop down box for the file type. If you do not wish to do this every time, there is a setting in the "Files & Memory" section of the preferences that causes Revolution to preserve the stack file version of legacy stacks.

The following properties are not supported in the 2.4 stack file format and will be lost or altered when saving in 2.4 format:

antialiased property - lost

ink property - lost for cards, reverted to GXcopy for controls if not supported

opaque property - lost for cards

blendLevel property - lost

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