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set the toolTip of object to string

Platform Support
MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies the explanatory text that pops up in a small box when the user points to an object.

set the toolTip of button "OK" to "Click to accept the result"
set the toolTip of me to field "Explanation"
set the toolTip of me to "Hello" & return & "World!"

Additional Comments
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Use the toolTip property to provide online help that explains what a control is for.


The toolTip of a control is a string.


A tool tip is a small box containing some text, which pops up on the screen when the mouse pointer hovers over a control. The text briefly explains the purpose and use of the control.

The tool tip appears when the mouse pointer is within the control's rectangle and when the mouse has not moved for the time specified by the toolTipDelay property. If the mouse is moving, the tool tip does not appear.

Tool tips should be short and should not attempt to explain the entire action of the control. They are best used as a short reminder or clue about what a control does.

Tool tips appear only when the Browse tool is selected.


As of Revolution version 2.7.4 toolTips can be multiline strings. Previous version restrict tooltips to single lines.

User Comments
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Craig Newman (dunbarx)
Feb 14, 2011
A dynamic tooltip display may be implemented. An example for displaying the lines in a field is as follows:
on mouseMove put the value of the mouseLine into myNewTip if the tooltip of me is not myNewTip then set the tooltip of me to empty set the toolTip of me to myNewTip end if end mouseMove
The tooltip must be set to empty in order for it to update, otherwise it will report only the initial value of the property. The mouseMove message does update the property dynamically, but the display itself does not.
Thanks to Mark Schonewille.