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set the traversalOn of object to {true | false}
Desktop, Web and Server
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MacOS,Mac OS X,Windows,Linux
None required
Specifies whether a control can become the active (focused) control.

set the traversalOn of group "Arrows" to true
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Use the traversalOn property to control whether the user can tab or click into a control.


A control's traversalOn property is true or false.


Setting a field's traversalOn to true enables the user to tab into or click in the field for editing (if the field's lockText property is false). If a field's traversalOn and lockText properties are both set to true, the user can select text, but not change it, and can scroll within the field using the keyboard. If the traversalOn is true and the lockText is false, the field can be edited. If the lockText is true and the traversalOn is false, the user can neither select nor edit the field's text.

If the object is a group, setting its traversalOn to true causes tabbing into the group to set the focus to the first control in the group.

If the object is a control other than a group or field, if its traversalOn is true, and if the lookAndFeel is set to "Motif" or "Windows 95", the user can tab to the control, then press Return or Enter to send a mouseUp message to the object.

If the lookAndFeel is set to "Motif", "Macintosh", or "Appearance Manager", the active (focused) control is outlined, and the control receives any keystrokes and the messages associated with them. (The outline can be turned off by setting the field's showFocusBorder property to false.) If the lookAndFeel is set to "Windows 95", the appearance of a focused field does not change, but it receives keystroke messages.

Important! If an object'sscript uses the text selection, make sure to set the object'straversalOnproperty to false, since clicking an object whose traversalOn is true deselects any text selection.

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